In line with the vision of the University of Ankara, in the post-graduate education programs with in the departments of the Institute, during the execution and completion of scientific theses faithfully to national and universal usefulness, originality and ethical principles, with sustainable and qualified researches, is educating the responsible and innovative specialists who will contribute to knowledge and technology.


In line with the goal of being a research university of the University of Ankara,

  • To encourage the carrying out of post-graduate education and training activities with a total quality conception in the existing and rooted Departments within the Institute as well as the new ones to be structured according to the national and international requirements.
  • To make better arrangements in post-graduate programs considering both national priority areas and international trends by supporting the developments of the university-public-industry cooperation and interdisciplinary researches.
  • To provide more practical, transparent, ethical and academic process in the process of conducting postgraduate theses within the framework of regulations and decisions.