1. Graduation Certificate (Notarized translation and certificate of equivalence from Board of Higher Education for your diploma, two pieces)
  2. Graduation Transcript (Notarized translation, two pieces)
  3. Result Certificate of diploma examination of TOMER Turkish Course (at least [C1] level) or Turkish Proficiency Certificate to be taken from Yunus Emre Institute (If undergraduate or graduate education was completed in a Turkish training institution, this document is not required)
  4. Unlike the Turkish candidates, according to the decision of the Senate of Ankara University, the ALES exam result certificate is not required from foreign national candidates.
  5. Result Certificate of a foreign language document apart from their mother tongue (YDS or similar international validity exam taken equivalent to this points)
  6. The photocopy and notary public approved translation of the passport bearing ‘Education Visa’.
  7. Six pieces of recently taken 4.5×6 cm biometric photographs
  8. Foreign nationals who have been placed in the framework of bilateral agreements made by the University or according to decision of Council of Higher Education can be perform their record directly except for the regulations concerning about Turkish language.
  9. Document showing that the tuition fee determined by the relevant legislation has been paid.
  10. The original or certified copy of the scholarship document.

 Also consider the notes given below;

  • Follow the registration application deadlines on the Institute web page (http://www.fenbilimleri.ankara.edu.tr).
  • On these dates you should log into the system, which activated, and make the pre-registration.
  • After you make your pre-registration, scientific written exam will be done on the dates announced in the related department.
  • You can make an application only one department program. Some of the department programs have special conditions.
  • You should look at the postgraduate programs quotas list given below.
  • You are responsible from all information that you enter to the system. If any of this information does not match with your documents, your registration will not be accepted.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to the related department.

Faculties of Science and Engineering        fbeogrfm@ankara.edu.tr

Faculty of Agriculture                                       fbeogrzr@ankara.edu.tr

Real Estate Development                               fbeogrtg@ankara.edu.tr